Our Mission

At Cherry, we believe in the power of community. That’s why we decided to build a financial services company that at its core serves local businesses and its consumers. The lifeblood of our economy starts on Main Street and we felt it was finally time that a company stood for society’s true entrepreneurs, local business owners.

Simplicity in Technology

Beyond our team’s passion for local businesses, we hold firm that technology has the power to make everyday life easier. We strive for simplicity in our product, process, and decision making. We believe the ambiguous nature of larger financial institutions make what should be simple complex. It is why transparency is a core value of our company and is what we aim to provide to our merchants, consumers and employees; allowing them to make more informed decisions and giving them better peace of mind.

Data Driven

We are driven to always do the right thing and let the integrity of data drive our path forward.

Celebrate Our Community

We as a team always have an eye towards the future but are never too busy to celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small. We aim to build and maintain a culture where passion and fun should be embraced, not checked at the door; working hard and having fun should never be mutually exclusive.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Cherry.

Aaron Rudelich


Ben Gobar

Ben Gobar

Head of Servicing

Ethan Barnett

Collections Specialist

Hande Kural

Senior Backend Engineer

mary wu

Mary Wu

VP of Marketing

Nik Shaw

Senior Account Executive

Ryan Cannon

Head of Risk

Teyonna Jarman

Chief of Staff

Abigail Kulwicki

Partner Onboarding Specialist

Bryan Bachman

Senior Account Executive

Felix Steinmeyer

Co-Founder & CEO

Hasan Turksoy

Head of Engineering

Kimberlee Tannous

Senior Account Executive

Özgür Cihan

Senior Frontend Engineer

Sean Schroeder

Chief Operating Officer

Thanh Huynh

Product & Frontend Engineer

Adam Bair

Head of Customer Onboarding

Calvin Bohn

Head of Customer Success

Gabriel Dejene

Gabriel Dejene


Irem Korkmaz

Engineering Manager

Mercedes Montalov

Senior Account Executive

Phillip Dziedzic

Design Lead

Sonia Aguayo

Partner Onboarding Specialist

Uğur Gökay Ortasöz

Software Engineer

Andy Cahoy

VP of Sales

Cem Ozturk

Senior DevOps Engineer

Hakan Özkaptan

Senior Frontend Engineer

Jed Cullen

Head of Finance

Michael Cirillo

Risk Manager

Regan Pecjak

Business Analyst

Tara Mitchell

Merchant Support Specialist

Yulia Fox

Senior Account Executive

Ashley Mason

Senior Account Executive

Charles Mourani

Co-Founder & CTO

Hami Çakir

Full Stack Software Engineer

John Walker

Senior Account Executive

Mustafa Berberoğlu

Lead Backend Engineer

Riley Beck

Senior Account Executive

Tavis Monroe

Collections Team Lead