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Monthly Payment APR Total Interest Final Cost
3 Mo
0% $0.00 $1,000
6 Mo
0% $0.00 $1,000
12 Mo
18.99% $96.64 $1,107.64
18 Mo
18.99% $147.60 $1,147.60
24 Mo
18.99% $199.75 $1,199.75
*These are examples only. 0% APR and other promotional rates subject to eligibility. Exact terms and APR depend on credit score and other factors. Not every practice that uses Cherry will offer the payment plan terms listed above.

Payment options through Cherry Technologies, Inc. are issued by the following lending partners: See for details. Iowa: Borrowers with credit scores below 660 cannot be approved. APR is capped at 20.99%

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Managing Your Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? Here are some that we often get.

Absolutely! If you keep your account current, you may redeem the remaining balance before your approval expires.

For example, if you’re approved for $1,000 and only use $500, you may go back and use the remaining $500 as long as that approval is still valid and you continue to make payments on time. Our approvals are valid for 30 days.

Also, by establishing a good borrower history with Cherry and paying off your loans completely, you can make your full approval amount available again.

Yes, Cherry may report the status of patients’ accounts to Equifax, one of the major credit bureaus.

Cherry is required to report all payment history to the credit bureaus. This means we may also report late payments, missed payments, or other delinquencies on your account to the credit bureaus.

Cherry contracts that are older than 60 days are ineligible for refunds through the Cherry platform.

To request a refund, please contact the practice where you used Cherry to make a purchase.

We defer to the refund policies put in place by our partner practices and cannot initiate a refund without practice approval.

If you have a complaint regarding the services or to request a cancellation or a return, please contact the practice directly to inquire about the status of your transaction.

You are required to make payments on your contract until the issue is resolved.

You can change your payment due date once during the life of your loan by visiting the Patient Portal and selecting Change Due Date. 

Please note that your Cherry account must be current at the time to be eligible to change your payment due date once during the life of your loan.

No! Your account will not be charged any fees or penalties if you pay early.

Also, if you pay off your account before the final payment is due, you won’t pay any interest that would accrue over the rest of the contract, saving you money.

Our support line is staffed Monday through Friday from 9am EST until 9pm EST (excluding holidays) on the weekdays. Our Saturday hours are from 9am EST to 7pm EST, and we are closed on Sundays. If you can’t reach one of our customer service representatives, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Happy Patients

We are very proud of the service we are able to provide. Here are some reviews from our happy patients.
Erika M.

Vail, AZ

Mirror Mirror is amazing. Had a great experience with them and I've already set up another appointment for more services. The application process with Cherry was very easy and smooth.
Alex C.

Irvine, CA

Cherry was really easy to use and super fast. I can't wait to go back and try different services at the Image Center now that I can split my payments!
Terrell T.

Irvine, CA

Everything was easy and perfect! Application process was easy, super easy.
Gabriel B.

Bakersfield, CA

Cherry was great, one of the better lending companies I’ve ever used. Making payments was a lot easier and I appreciate Cherry willing to work with me.
Sarah R.

Hillsboro, OR

I had awesome experience with Aura Aesthetics. I have been going there for a while and having Cherry payment plans as an option gives me the ability to go there and get the services more often.
Bryana R.

Irvine, CA

I was worried the application would take long, I would have paid on my credit card -- but it only took a few minutes and I'm so happy I can split my payments up now!