Troubleshooting your Cherry App

I can’t download the Cherry app from the App Store

If you are having trouble downloading the Cherry app from the app store, please try the following steps.

1. Please check your internet connection. Your network connection may be the issue preventing your device from downloading the app. 

2. If your internet connection was not the issue, please check your Apple device operating system version. The Cherry app requires version iOS 11 and higher. You can find this information by going to Settings > General > About, and viewing the Software Version of your device.

The ID Scan is not working for me

Please try the following steps if you are having issues scanning a customer’s ID. 

1. Lay the ID on a flat surface and move the camera farther/ closer to the ID to adjust the focus of the camera. Make sure the lighting is adequate and that there is no glare or smudges on your device camera or the ID. 

2. Exit out of the contract application and restart a new contract application. Try rescanning the ID again. 

3. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, delete the Cherry app and re-download it from the app store. Restart a new contract application.

4. Older or newly issued driver’s licenses in some US states may not be picked up by the scanner. Please call customer support if the issue persists.  

The keyboard is covering up the screen

This happens when the keyboard on your device is undocked. 

Here is the official Apple document:

You need to move your keyboard to the bottom part of the screen, Here’s how:

1. Touch and hold the keyboard icon at the bottom right of your keyboard.

2. Slide up and tap Undock.

3. Lightly press and hold the keyboard icon, then immediately drag the keyboard down the screen. 

4. Slide up and tap Dock. 

I want to continue progress on a past contract application

For security reasons, Cherry requires the customer to start a new application rather continuing a past application. Starting another application will not impact the customer’s credit score. Simply start a new application and rescan the customer’s ID. The system should remember the customer and automatically send them a text to the phone number on file.

I am seeing a black screen

If you are experiencing a black screen while using the application please do the following:

1. Close out of the Cherry app, then reopen it and start a new contract application.

2. If restarting the Cherry app does not work, please make sure you have the newest version of the Cherry app. You can download the newest version by going to the App store. Once you have found the Cherry app page, press the ‘update’ button. 

3. If updating the Cherry app does not work, delete the Cherry app altogether, then re-download the Cherry app on the app store. To find the Cherry app in the app store, search “Cherry Point of Sale”.

I’m having issues navigating the Cherry app

If you are experiencing navigation issues this tends to be a device zoom setting problem. To resolve this, please do the following:

1. Please exit out of the Cherry App.

2. Go to your device and search for “Settings”. Tap Accessibility. Tap Zoom.

3. Tap the switch next to Zoom to disable it. Green is on, white/gray is off.

4. If this does not solve your issue. Please call our customer support.

The debit card scan is picking up the wrong expiration date

If the expiration date is incorrect after the Debit Card scan, you can always correct it by editing the expiration date field. Please remember to always review your customer’s card information carefully before moving forward.  

The contract application is not moving forward to the next screen

If a contract application gets stuck during the contract application process, please do the following:

1. Check your internet connection. The contract application process requires a stable internet connection.

2. If the internet connection was not the issue, exit out of the contract application. Close and restart the Cherry app and start a new contract application. 

3. Delete the Cherry app and re-download it on the app store if restarting the app did not resolve the issue. 

I need to change my customer’s information

Please remember to review the details of the contract application before submitting it to Cherry. If a customer’s information needs to be updated please contact our customer support. A representative will be able to change it for you.

I can’t remember my username

Your username is typically the business email address that you signed up with. If you cannot remember what that was, you can contact our customer support. They will help you retrieve your username.

I can’t remember my password

If you cannot remember your password, please press on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the Login screen and follow the process. If that does not resolve your password issue, please contact our customer support.