Deep Dive into 3 Dental Practices and Their Success with Payment Plans

Payment plans are increasingly common among consumers. Instead of paying the entire cost of a purchase upfront, a payment plan allows you to split it into smaller amounts and pay it back over time, usually on a regular basis like every month. This helps make big expenses more manageable and easier to afford, which is especially helpful in the dental industry where out-of-pocket expenses can be daunting and discourage patients from getting the treatment they need.

But how can dental practices successfully incorporate payment plans into their office, and what kind of results do they see? We’ll do a deep dive into how payment plans offered by Cherry helped dental practices grow their revenue and increase case acceptance.

Case Study #1: Just Wright Dental and Impact Center
Just Wright Dental and Implant Center is a leading practice in Central Texas dedicated to providing top quality, tailor-made dental care for each of their patients. Just Wright Dental generated over $315,000 with Cherry in the first 6 months of activation. Read more here.

Case Study #2: Family Holistic Dentistry
Family Holistic Dentistry focuses on patients’ overall health by creating customized treatments that meet a variety of patient needs. They generated $91,309 in their first 7 months with Cherry. Read more here.

Case Study #3: Koala Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders
The dentists, doctors, and medical technicians at Koala aim to improve the lives of those affected by health conditions such as sleep apnea, fatigue, chronic pain, and other sleep disorders. With Cherry, Koala Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders saw ~50% increase in conversion rate for approved applicants moving forward with treatment. Read more here.