Top 11 Characteristics of a Successful Med Spa

From botox to coolsculpting and chemical peels, med spas are all the rage right now. This new wellness phenomenon offers procedures in a relaxing and pleasing environment. The most successful medical spas bring in $4-5 million annually. So it is no wonder that you are interested in running a spa. Here are the most common characteristics of a thriving and profitable med spa:

1. A clear vision

It is important to brainstorm the concept of your medical spa before you launch the business. It means streamlining the list of treatments you offer to future clients. Don’t stretch yourself too thin just to fill out the menu. Instead, think about spa services that complement each other and benefit new customers.

For instance, if your idea is to incorporate skincare as the main focus of your med spa, the menu should include various injectables, botox, dermal fillers, and even laser hair removal. Offering similar treatments as wellness packages should help you reach the right demographics and boost your med spa on social media.  

2. A team of professionals

AmSpa or American Med Spa Association recommends that you gather a team of experts working in various fields before you launch your business. For instance, you will need a lawyer to explain regulations depending on the state and an accountant to help you keep the books in order.

The med spa won’t run itself, so hire the right people. First, you need a medical director. They must have a license and knowledge about the procedures you plan on offering to your new patients. The medical team and aestheticians need to have certifications too. The treatments should be at least familiar to them. Then you can provide the team with the proper training.  

3. Well-thought-out business plan

Brainstorming a solid med spa business plan is the first step towards your dream. It is an absolute must-have when searching for potential investors. Furthermore, a business plan may also help you explain your vision to others around you.

We have already discussed that business owners should have a whole team behind them. It includes interior designers, spa managers, business consultants, and so on. Introducing them to your business plan will ensure they understand your vision for the future of the med spa.

As part of the business plan, estimate your revenue and costs to ensure that you have enough cashflow to keep your med spa operational. We previously wrote about the cost of opening a medspa here.

4. The perfect med spa location

The success of a medical spa does depend on its location. Remember that it is not a doctor’s office, and people won’t travel for miles to get to you. Therefore, you have to do proper research and discover where your competitors are.

Other factors should influence your decision too. Demographics are a significant part of picking out the location for a business. Then there is parking availability, visibility, and of course – zoning. Some zoning boards might not be familiar with medical spas, so it could be a bit difficult to get a green light for certain parts of a city or town.

5. Attention to details

Once you find the location, it is time to tackle the most challenging part – designing the interiors. The floor plan needs to be comfortable for the customers, so consult your development team as much as possible. They need to know the ins and outs of the procedures available in the med spa.

This knowledge will enable them to deliver the optimal layout that makes your new patients feel safe and relaxed. Remember that the med spa shouldn’t feel cramped at all. Therefore, make sure your interior designer has enough room to work with. And always consider the size of your equipment before you rent a space.   

6. Medical insurance

Before the medical spa opens its doors to the public, it is crucial to set up medical insurance. An insurance agent can guide you through this process. The entire staff and the medical spa will need protection from malpractice, property insurance, and more.

Do thorough research and learn about the regulations in your state. However, general liability insurance is a must-have. It will protect you from potential lawsuits. Of course, you will also need patient forms and informed consent. Patients should know what to expect from each treatment for their safety, which can help them decide if they want to try it out or not.

7. High-quality medical spa products

Consult your medical director before you decide on the spa products and equipment. They need to approve them and be comfortable with all the procedures offered on the menu. There are plenty of brands out there that specialize in med spa products. However, if the doctor prefers pharmaceutical companies, there is no harm in giving those a chance.

Always focus on the quality of the skin care products and the ingredients. New customers deserve to feel pampered and taken care of. Furthermore, skin care products created by pharmaceutical companies have another advantage – they will unite the medical spa and the healthcare providers into a well-rounded unit.

8. Combining the medical and the spa side

A successful med spa combines a doctor’s office and spa treatments. Therefore, the patients should experience both sides of the business, not just one. Seamlessly incorporating these should be one of your primary goals.

The best way to do so is to create a small board of professionals with healthcare providers and spa experts. They can join forces to agree on a diagnosis and then come up with a list of treatments for a potential patient.

9. Have multiple payment options

While most businesses accept cash and credit credit, having multiple payment options allows you to cater to more customers. Some people might prefer to pay by debit card or use contactless payment (i.e. Apple Pay or Google Pay).

Considering that some medspa treatments can be quite expensive, not everyone is able to pay the entire amount upfront. As such, it’s highly recommended that you also offer a payment plan, which enables the customer to pay for their treatment in installments. Even for patients capable of paying at once, a payment plan gives them more control over their finances and allows them budget flexibility, especially if they qualify for 0% interest. A leading patient financing provider used by thousands of med spas is Cherry; Cherry offers 3 – 24 month payment plans, is more affordable than other providers, and will pay you (the practice) the entire treatment amount upfront while they handle patient repayment.

10. Exceptional medical spa marketing

Medical spa marketing is not complicated at all, but you need to have a marketing strategy! Simple promotional materials and tactics can get you a long way. The first step should be to look into all the neighboring businesses around your med spa and see what they’re doing.

Offer discounts and promotions. Start collecting an email list to email your customers about specials, packages, and treatments. Post on social media (see more below). Cherry offers free email, social media, and SMS (text message) templates to merchants that offer Cherry payment plans.

Consider rewarding your patients through a loyalty program. They may collect points and get occasional free treatments. New med spas should also have referral discounts as a part of a marketing strategy. And don’t forget to follow up on your existing patients by sending them a newsletter!

11. Clever use of social media

Finally, we can’t forget about the power of social media. It should be a part of your marketing strategy. Your med spa can become a state-wide phenomenon if you know how to promote a business online. But before you start making entertaining TikTok videos and Instagram posts, make sure you know your target audience.

A successful medical spa also has a defined voice and all the necessary visuals, such as a logo, post templates, etc. Consult or hire a graphic designer to create the branding for your med spa or use free templates here. Don’t try to do everything alone unless you are confident in your marketing skills.