Why Clients and Medical Practices Love Cherry

Give your medical practice the competitive edge it needs to succeed in today’s market with Cherry payment plans. Here’s why practices and their clients love Cherry!


? Boost sales
0% APR offerings don’t eat into your revenue like discounts do

? Fast payment
Get paid in 1 – 2 days; Cherry takes on the risk of customer repayment

? Marketing support
Free materials and templates to bring in more traffic

? Exclusive approvals
Unique pre-approval links mean customers only come to your practice

This financing is a game changer. Our business has been set up for years and has been needing something like this for so long! Once they see our website or come into the building they are hooked, it’s all a matter of budget and now that problem is solved. A customer today was going to buy a $3500 package, but she just didn’t want to lose out on 12 months no interest later, so she ended up getting two packages totaling $6k. Plus, the ease of use on the application process is nothing like I’ve ever seen. Thank you for taking so much time to pay attention to detail and creating a life changing business for small businesses like mine.

Cassie McDowell, Naturally Rooted


? Apply in seconds 
Client approvals are lightning fast, with an instant quote

? Flexibility 
3 – 24 month payment options extend your client’s dollar further

? 0% APR 
Qualifying clients enjoy no-interest options

? Credit friendly 
Applying has zero impact on client’s credit score

I’ve been putting off these treatments for a long time. I scheduled them all today using Cherry!

Cassie, Arizona