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You can check out our Practice Finder tool to find a location near you and apply!

You’ll need to have a credit score of at least 520, a social security number, you must be 18 years or older and in some cases, you may be asked to connect your online banking account.

Yes, however, once you’re approved, you’re approved for the maximum amount you can use with Cherry at that given time.

For example, if you’re approved for $5,000 with Practice A and $5,000 with Practice B, your total financing available with Cherry will be $5,000. You may choose how you’d like to allocate those funds amongst the practices but you will not be able to exceed the total of $5,000.

Cherry never performs a hard credit inquiry; therefore applying with Cherry does not impact your credit score. However, if you make a purchase with Cherry, we are required to report account information and loan payment history, which may impact your credit score

How do I know who accepts Cherry?

You can check out our Practice Finder tool to find a location near you!

I received an error message when trying to pay, what can I do?

Please attempt to validate your payment method by logging into your account, if you are unable to process your payment successfully please contact us at 888-612-2142 where one of our payment specialists will be able to help. 

Why was I charged a fee?

Dishonored payment fees of $15.00 may apply if a scheduled payment is returned as unpaid.

Late fees may apply if a scheduled payment is missed, late fees vary by state.

How do I cancel my Cherry Payment Plan?

If you’re looking to cancel or to get a refund on your Cherry Payment Plan, please reach out to the practice directly as we defer to their refund policies.

After you submit your application, we’ll send you a text message with our decision. If you’re approved, we’ll let you know how much you’ve been approved for!

Now that you have your approval, the practice will already be able to view it on their end. All you need to do is set up an appointment with them and indicate that you’d like to use Cherry at checkout!

The practice will send you a checkout link via text at the time of your appointment. You will have the chance to review your options before agreeing to the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to bring your bank-issued debit card or credit card to make your down payment!

No, approvals are unique to each practice and approval amounts can vary by practice. However, once you make a purchase with Practice A, you are able to redeem the remaining balance of your approval with Practice A within 30 days of your approval.

No, if you’re eligible for a 0% APR offer, it is current for the length of the approval. For example: If you were approved for a 6-month term with 0%, this promotion is valid until the end of the term as long as you stay current with your payments.

If you apply again after 30 days, it is not guaranteed that you will be eligible for a 0% APR offer.

If you are eligible for an increase, you may request this through the Cherry Patient Portal. Increased approval amount and the decision are subject to eligibility. If you do not see the button to "request an increase," it means you are ineligible for an increase at this time.

Approvals are valid for 30 days. Once that time period expires, you are welcome to reapply.

The finance charge is the total interest you would pay on your contract if all payments are made on time. This amount is already included in your monthly payment.

We look at a few things such as your credit score, credit history, your income, and debt-to-income ratio when making our decision. You can access your denial reason by visiting the Patient Portal. Navigate to “My Account” and click on “Notices and Disclosures”.

You will have the ability to apply again after 30 days.

The denial cannot be reversed, but you can apply again after 30 days.

A down payment is required in order to finalize your payment plan. It will go toward your total purchase price. It is due when the practice sends you the checkout link.

Your down payment amount depends on your total purchase price and the payment plan you select. It is typically equal to your monthly payment.

The practice will need to send you a checkout link to confirm your purchase price. You will have the option to choose the payment plan that works best for you and make a down payment.

You can use a Debit Card or a Credit Card* to make your down payment.

*Making payments via Credit Card or Pre-Paid Debit Card will result in a 2.99% processing fee. There is no processing fee for making a down payment with a traditional Debit Card.

Once you’re approved, you’ll have the option to preview your payments before you checkout with the practice.

You can always revisit the practice application page and click on View My Options.

You can input any amount to preview your payment options. The practice can update this price at checkout before you confirm your Cherry Payment Plan.


The due date is determined by the day of the month in which you entered into your payment plan. You can find your due date by logging into your account by visiting the Patient Portal.

You can make payments by logging into the Patient Portal and then selecting Make A Payment.

You can make payments on your Cherry account via ACH electronic transfer from your checking account, Debit Card or Credit Card.

Note: Making payments via Credit Card or Pre-Paid Debit Card will result in a 2.99% processing fee. There is no processing fee for ACH and Debit Card payments.

Cherry does not accept payments from Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Payments by mail may take 7-10 business days to process. We recommend that you make payments online at your Patient Portal or by contacting us at 888-612-2142.

If you opt to make a payment via check, please ensure you follow these guidelines to ensure the payment is appropriately credited to your account:

  • Make the check payable to Cherry Technologies Inc
  • Include your mobile phone number and Contract ID in the check "Memo"

For payments sent via the United States Postal Service (USPS), please use this address:
Cherry Technologies Inc
DEPT 2258
PO BOX 122258
DALLAS, TX 75312-2258

For payments sent via all other methods, please use this address*:
Dallas Regional Lockbox
Cherry Technologies Inc

*Deposits received via methods other than the USPS may not post same day.

To change your payment method, log in to your account by visiting the Patient Portal and selecting Add A New Payment Method under My Account.

Unfortunately, you cannot combine payments for multiple plans and will need to submit a separate payment for each plan by the payment due date.

Yes, you can pay your loan off early at any time and there are no fees or penalties. Please log into your account at the Patient Portal and select Pay Off Contract to pay off your loan.

Cherry is required to report all payment history to the credit bureaus. This means we may also report late payments, missed payments, or other delinquencies on your account to the credit bureaus.

You can view your repayment terms on the agreement letter on your account by visiting the Patient Portal.

Cherry is a paperless company; you will receive payment reminders via text messages. You can also view your payment schedule and account details on your Patient Portal.

You can change your payment due date once during the life of your loan by visiting the Patient Portal and selecting Change Due Date. 

Please note that your Cherry account must be current at the time to be eligible to change your payment due date once during the life of your loan.

If you are unable to make your payment on time, please contact us as soon as possible at 888-612-2142 where one of our payment specialists will explore options available to assist you.

No. Check payments received by mail are processed (Monday - Friday) based on the day the check is received and Cherry does not support processing a payment that is dated for the future.

Please attempt to validate your payment method by logging into your account. If you are unable to process your payment successfully, please contact us at 888-612-2142.

If you’re looking to cancel or get a refund on your payment plan, please reach out to the practice directly first. We defer to their refund policies.

A non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee of $15.00 may apply if a scheduled payment is returned as unpaid.

Late fees may apply if a scheduled payment is missed. Late fees vary by state.


Cherry contracts that are older than 60 days are ineligible for refunds through the Cherry platform.

To request a refund, please contact the practice where you used Cherry to make a purchase.

We defer to the refund policies put in place by our partner practices and cannot initiate a refund without practice approval.

Once the practice authorizes a refund, we will credit the refunded amount (full or partial) into your Cherry contract. Any refund in excess of your outstanding balance will be credited to the payment method on file.

If a partial refund is issued, your loan amount will be adjusted to reflect your new remaining balance. If a refund is issued in full, any payments made on your loan will be returned to you.

Product & Services

Cherry can be used at participating locations. You can check out our Practice Finder tool to find a practice near you!

Please contact our Customer Support team via email at [email protected] or call us at (888) 612-2142.

Please provide us with as much relevant information as possible to ensure that we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible.

You will need to reach out to the practice directly in order to set up an appointment and move forward with confirming your contract. Cherry will not be able to assist with this.

Fraud & Security

If you believe an unauthorized charge has been made in your name, please report it to the proper authorities first and then contact our team at (888) 612-2142. Report the related card or transaction to your issuing bank and provide us with a copy of your Police report via email to [email protected]  as soon as you get it.

Fraud alert messages notify potential credit grantors to verify your identification before extending credit in your name in case someone is using your information without your consent.

You may contact any of the nationwide credit bureaus to request a fraud alert. You are entitled to a free credit report if you are the victim of identity theft.  You can contact the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) to request a free copy of your credit report and to place a fraud alert on your account. Below are the phone numbers for each of the credit bureaus.

    • Equifax- 800-525-6285
    • TransUnion – 800-680-7289
    • Experian- 888-397-3742

The security of your data is our highest priority. Cherry has implemented and maintains an information security program that includes industry-standard technical, administrative, and physical security measures to protect personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, or improper disclosure.

All payment information is processed securely. No details are transferred to or held by the Practice. All transactions take place via secured connections following strict security protocols. You can remove your linked bank account or card at any time. For additional information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.