Success Stories with Cherry: Bodify


The Story

Bodify is the leading medical spa in Arizona dedicated to CoolSculpting. Bodify uses the best technology has to offer in reducing stubborn fat for good. Through Coolsculpting, a non-invasive, highly effective and safe procedure, clients experience inch loss with no downtime.

The Goal

Bodify had several goals:
  • Acquire more patients
  • Increase booking volume
  • Increase the ticket size of bookings
  • Retain existing patients

The Cherry Solution

Cherry helped Bodify achieve their goals by:

  • Reducing the sticker shock of total service costs
  • Giving patients the power to manage their money
  • Encouraging patients to do additional treatment areas with their approval money

The Results

  • Bodify generated over $260,000 with Cherry (1).
  • 38% of patients filled out Cherry’s prequalification form before booking their consultation with Bodify, increasing revenue by 68%.
  • Bodify found that patients were more willing to get treatments when Cherry was offered as a payment option. 

Your Turn

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(1) All-time transaction amount as of 4/7/2022