Around the Business

Do your current clients know that Cherry payment plans are available at your business? Marketing materials are a great way to announce new offerings and updates to your business.

In Store Materials

Here are some marketing materials for your office to help spread the word about Cherry payment plans to your customers:
  • ASK ABOUT CHERRY POSTER​ to hang in treatment rooms or near a checkout area
  • CHERRY BROCHURE ​for use in waiting rooms in case anyone has questions about
    how Cherry works
  • CHERRY LEAFLET ​can also be put in waiting areas or in treatment rooms for a quick overview of the rates customers can expect when they apply with Cherry
  • CHERRY RACK CARDS ​come in two designs, and are meant for display near check-in/
    checkout areas!
Name Asset Download
Ask About Cherry Poster ask about Cherry PDF
Cherry Brochure online approval online approval apply PDF
Cherry Leaflet now offering cherry now offering cherry info PDF
Cherry Rack Card online approval online approval apply PDF
Cherry Counter Stand Cards online approval PDF

Contact Us

If you need assistance with Cherry marketing materials, please call us at 888-839-7171.